Camogli and San Rocco


Every city in this list is truly spectacular in its own way, but Camogli is the author’s choice for the best town to visit just outside of Genoa.

The layout and landscape of this city doesn’t even look real when you’re standing right in front of it. From the train station, you take a right and immediately find yourself immersed between towering buildings and the lovely locals going about their day.

As you continue the stroll towards the historic center, you will catch elevated glimpses of the stunning seaside landscape where you will eventually end your walk. Just when you think the street can’t get much more narrow, you pass through an arch and arrive at the ‘centro storico’, with steps that lead you down to a waterfront scene that will make any postcard jealous.

Here at the harbor-front, you have a 360 view of this unbelievable city.

Camogli really has something for everybody, with endless options for focaccia, seafood, gelato and tasty beverages with an inexplicable seaside view.

And then there’s the beach, by far the most expansive beach in the region with the best views of the mountains to the west, an incredible church to the east and the indescribable Camogli skyline right behind you as you lay down soaking in the Italian sun.

San Rocco

There are not many places worth a 30 minute uphill walk composed completely of stairs, but the moment you reach San Rocco you will be thankful for every step you took to get there.

This tiny little detour from Camogli brings you up to a sleepy little town, featuring more views than churches and the best panoramic view of the Ligurian sunset you will find. Don’t worry though, despite it’s small size you will still have no problem finding focaccia for your sunset views, just pop into Panificio Maccarini right next to the Chiesa di San Rocco.

This town is perfectly situated along the route to some of the areas best hiking destinations, including Punta Chiappa, San Fruttuoso di Camogli, and Portofino.


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