University Residence




Castle is a relaxing oasis close to the city center.

Castle is the new university residence from the chain The Hostel. A fifteenth century villa, surrounded by green.

Castle Hostel is located in the beautiful area of Castelletto, just a few minutes away form the Historical Center, Genova Aquarium and Piazza Principe train station.

It is located in a historical mansion born inside city walls in the seventeenth century which is visited today by people from all over the world, as in the past. Residence’s rooms, double and single rooms, green area surrounding all the Villa, open common spaces and a breathtaking view.



Come to find us.



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Where we are!

Castle Hostel is very close to the city centre, 15 minute walk from Piazza della Nunziata, Acquario di Genova, Porto Antico, Piazza Principe train station.

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Hostel’s Rooms

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