The Rolli days are back in Genova, save the date on your calendar!

We start 2017 by giving you two dates to sign on your calendar to come to Genova and explore the residences of  genovese aristocrats, built between the fifteen and sixteen houndreds and decorated with frescoes, interior designes and paintings done by the masters of the time. The rolli, or better, the list of Palazzi and noble residences of illustrious families that wanted to guest – based on public drawing – the high personalities in town for state visits. The rolly days are back, in the weekends of 1 and 2 of April and 14 and 15 October. The promotion of the palazzi dei Rolli, (patrimony of humanity of UNESCO), continues after the sucess of the three editions of 2016, year of the 10th aniversary of the UNESCO recognition, with around 250.000 visitors in the 6 days of special openings.

Take a look!

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