Dress up the Carnival

You probably know the Rio de Janeiro Carnival, the Carnival of Tenerife or maybe the one of Viareggio

However from this year you‘ll remember the Carnival of Genoa.

Here you have the calendar of the events that will colour Genoa.

On Saturday 6 th and Sunday 7 th of February from 17.15 a special piñata in the Nautilus room of the Aquarium.

A celebration from everyone, on February 7th to the Genoa ancient port (porto antico), a colorful and traditional parade that starts from the historical centre and will end to the porto antico (ancient port)

From the 25th of January to the 9th of February to the aquarium of Genoa, special offer for dressed-up children.

All the children dressed up for Carnival could visit the biggest aquarium of Europe paying the half of the price.

On Monday the 15 th of February “ masks on the ice” from 15:00, fairies, little monsters, superheroes and nice small animals are all welcome to celebrate the Carnival on the ice.

On Saturday 13th of February at 15.00 from Piazza della Nunziata (Nunziata square) the Ghost Tour ends all the colorful celebrations of the city offering a phantasmagorical tour of the particular alley (carrugi) of Genoa. Performances in theatres , shows and tales will help you to discover an unusual face of Genoa.

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