Genova welcomes Picasso. His masterpieces in exhibition at Palazzo Ducale

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. the purpose of life is give it away” Pablo Picasso


In the Palazzo Ducale of Genova is present the Pablo Picasso exhibit named “PICASSO – masterpieces from Musée Picasso, Paris.

The works exhibited come from the Musée Picasso of Paris, divided in tematic sections retracing the path of the painter.This exibition wants to document not only the artistic path of the spanish genious, through the diferent periods and styles of the artist, but also to show the works he loved the most, from the ones of african inspiration of the early twentieth century to the Mediterranean bathers and the famous womenportraits from the Thirties and Fifties.

In total around 50 works are in exhibition, for biggest part kept jelously by the artist, so much that he used to carry them wherever he went.

The Picasso exhibition at Genova was inauguated 10 november 2017 and can be visited until 6 may 2018.


Monday: 11,30 to 19,30,

tuesday/thursday/saturday/sunday: 9,30 to 19,30

friday: 9,30 to 22

The ticket office closes an hour before.


Tickets: full – 13 euro,

reduced – 11 euro.

For groups: 13 or 11 euro – saturday and sunday or from monday to friday, schools: 6 euro, young people until 26 years: 5 euro every friday from 14 to 21.

More info on the website:

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