One of the more unique stops along the Ligurian coastline, Bogliasco offers a diversity for whatever type of day trip you’re after. A stroll around this sleepy village never disappoints, starting with a city square that is always lightly-filled with families enjoying life at the perfect speed.

Once you pass the stunning cream-colored church facing the sea, a windy seaside path awaits you, twisting you down the coastline towards the another picturesque beach, while offering some side roads to explore that surely will lead you to Stea, a bakery with the most delicious focaccia in town.

If you fancy a beach day, you have multiple options here as well. Whether you want a big beach experience with an impeccable backdrop of 18th century Italian architecture or a more private beach experience, you always have your choice.

The 2 less populated beaches in Bogliasco are the first options you will come across as you wind your way down the seaside path.


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