Acquario di Genova

Come to visit the biggest aquarium in Europe. Acquario di Genova is the perfect place where is worth to spend a day with family or friends.
The Aquarium of Genoa is very easy to reach on foot starting from Abbey Hostel and walking through the ancient quays of the Darsena (dock) and the Port.
The Aquarium contains about four hundred species among fishes, sea mammalians, reptiles, amphibians and birds.
More than 1500 specimens in a “journey” that will make you discover sea environments and their dwellers of the whole World:
From manatees (particular type of walrus) to seals, from penguins to jellyfishes on the way to dolphins and sharks. You can also admire the Antarctic fishes and the colorful fishes of the coral reef in its biggest biodiversity in Europe.
Plunge yourself into the astonishing underwater world of the Aquarium of Genoa; the biggest that you can visit in Europe.
The new cetacean pavilion and the Big Blue Ship (Grande Nave Blu) are also opened.
The cetacean pavilion has been designed by the Renzo -Piano-Building Workshop and built in collaboration with Costa Edutainmend and the Porto Antico of Genova (Ancient Port of Genoa).
The tanks in the pavilion has been finished and also the semi-tunnel through which visitors could appreciate the sea creatures from an underwater perspective.

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